Calgary Bookkeeping Services

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Calgary Bookkeeping Services

Calgary NW bookkeeper assistants are professionals who contract their services to home-based businesses and larger businesses with accounting help. A bookkeeper usually works on the data entry portion of accounting. The data entry services include accounts receivable, purchases, and receipts and payments of an individual or organization. A bookkeeper may also be called an accounting technician. Some bookkeeping/accounting terminology: A/R – Accounts Receivable, c/d – Carried down, b/f – Brought forward, G/L – General Ledger; (or N/L – Nominal Ledger), (or I/S –
Income Statement), EBITDA – Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation, PAT – Profit after tax.
For Calgary companies, having a great bookkeeper will make the accounting process run much more efficiently. If you are a Calgary-based bookkeeper then you may be seeking more clients. A excellent way would be to own a website like this www.CalgaryBookkeepingServices.com. Calgary Marketing Agencies

Calgary Bookkeeping Services

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